My Allied Health Space

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Allied Health Professional funded by the NDIS

They can…


Help you with your hearing and communication disorders. They can also help you with balance and processing disorders.


Give you advice on eating and drinking for your individual needs.

Occupational Therapist

Help you with everyday activities that you want or need to do.


Help you with your eyes.

Orthotists / Prosthetist

Help you if you have difficulties with your joints or muscles, or have a missing limb or limb deformity.


Help improve movement, or help an injury get better.


Help if you have foot problems, shoe problems, unable to look after the skin or nails on your feet or have problems with using your feet.


Help you feel better if you are feeling sad, angry or confused, or upset about your life.

They can also help with learning, behaviour and social skills.

Social Worker

Help you to improve your wellbeing, or to manage any problems you may have in your life.

Social Workers assist individuals, families and communities to access resources and develop skills to enhance their social and personal wellbeing.

Speech Pathologist

Help you if you have difficulties with communication or swallowing.