My Allied Health Space

My Allied Health Space has been developed by a consortium, led by the Monash University School of Primary and Allied Health Care, which brought together an expert team of:

  • People with lived experience of disability, including NDIS participants;
  • Allied health educators, researchers and clinicians (who work with people with disability across the life span, in hospital and other inpatient care settings, supported living environments and community settings);
  • A major Victorian health network (Peninsula Health);
  • An experienced disability service provider (Yooralla); and
  • Digital design educators from the Monash Centre for Professional Development and Monash Online Education and the University of Melbourne.

This team worked collaboratively with other consumers, allied health professionals, allied health professional bodies, disability service providers, universities, training providers, and government agencies to co-design, pilot and deliver tools and training packages to support the successful translation of the Framework into allied health practice.

Monash School of Primary and Allied Health Care

  • Assoc Prof Libby Callaway (Project Lead), Occupational Therapist & Independent Living Stream lead, Rehabilitation, Ageing & Independent Living (RAIL) Research Centre
  • Dr Em Bould (Project Manager), Senior Research Fellow, Occupational Therapy
  • Prof Prue Morgan, Head of Physiotherapy
  • Prof Ellie Fossey, Head of Occupational Therapy
  • Prof Keith Hill, Physiotherapist & Director, RAIL Research Centre
  • Dr Natasha Brusco, Health Economist & Rehabilitation Stream lead, RAIL Research Centre
  • Dr Natasha Layton, Occupational Therapist & Senior Research Fellow, RAIL Research Centre
  • Dr Christina Ekegren, Physiotherapist & Senior Research Fellow, RAIL Research Centre and Pre-hospital, Emergency and Trauma (PET) Group, School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Monash University
  • Assoc Prof Cylie Williams, Podiatrist & NHMRC ECR Health Professional Research Fellow, Monash University & Allied Health Research Lead, Peninsula Health

People with lived Experience, including NDIS Participant Experts

  • Mr Jono Bredin
  • Mr Chris LeCerf
  • Ms Emma Gee
  • Mr Matt Ward
  • Ms Tania Lewis
  • Ms Laura Thyer
  • Ms Jessica Cochran

Monash Centre for Professional Development and Monash Online Education

  • Prof Margaret Hay, Head
  • Ms Alanna Sawyer, Senior Instructional Designer
  • Mr Matt Bangerter, Senior Advisor, Learning Transformation
  • Mr Derrick Martin, Learning Designer

University of Melbourne

  • Assoc Prof Kate Tregloan, Associate Professor (Teaching and Learning); Assistant Dean (Teaching Quality), Faculty of Architecture, Building & Planning; Adjunct Associate Professor (Research), Monash Art Design & Architecture

Peninsula Health

  • Ms Kirsten Caspers, Director – Allied Health (Chief Allied Health Officer)
  • Mr Iain Edwards, Operations Director – Community Health

Allied Health Clinical Experts

  • Ms Sue Sloan, Neuropsychologist & Occupational Therapist, Osborn Sloan & Associates and Adjunct Researcher, Occupational Therapy Department, Monash University
  • Mr Rick Osborn, Audiologist, Osborn Sloan & Associates
  • Ms Jan Mackey, Speech Pathologist, Applied Communication Skills
  • Mr Rob Haala, Dietician, Nutrition for Life
  • Dr Natasha Layton, Occupational Therapist, Monash University & Australian Rehabilitation & Assistive Technology Association
  • Ms Kim Vien, Manager of Early Careers Professional Program, Allied Services & Wellbeing, Yooralla Disability Services

DHHS Victoria

  • Ms Lizzie Castles, Senior Policy Advisor, Allied Health Workforce, Health Service and Workforce Policy, Health and Wellbeing
  • Ms Kate Boucher, Principle Policy Advisor, Allied Health Workforce, Health Service and Workforce Policy, Health and Wellbeing

DHHS Victoria Project Steering Committee

  • Ms Jessica Cochran, Consumer
  • Ms Sharon Downie, Department of Health and Human Services
  • Ms Rachel Eastoe, Department of Health and Human Services
  • Ms Dianne Hardy, National Disability Services
  • Mr Philipp Hermann, Allied Health Professions Australia
  • Mr Andrew Minge, Consumer
  • Dr Melissa Petrakis, Monash University
  • Ms Heather Thompson, Department of Health and Human Services
  • Ms Jill Walsh, Monash Health
  • Ms Dina Watterson, Alfred Health
  • Ms Renata Winkler, Victorian Paediatrics Rehabilitation Services, Royal Children’s Hospital

Peak Body / Professional Association Contribution to the Project

Throughout this project, the peak bodies/professional associations representing the allied health professions identified in the Framework were consulted at key stages in the development of the content. The project team would like to acknowledge the input of:

  • Dr Barbara Timmer, Ms Elissa Campbell, and Dr Tony Coles (Audiology Australia)
  • Dr Sayne Dalton (Dietitians Association of Australia)
  • Ms Carol Jewell (Occupational Therapy Australia)
  • Ms Louise Maher (Orthoptics Australia)
  • Ms Leigh Clarke (Australian Orthotic Prosthetic Association)
  • Mr James Fitzpatrick and Ms Anita Kosterlitz (Australian Physiotherapy Association)
  • Ms Cindy Laird (Australian Podiatry Association)
  • Dr Amy Scholes (Australian Psychological Society / College of Clinical Neuropsychologists)
  • Ms Anneka Farrington and Ms Jo Hart (Australian Association of Social Workers)
  • Ms Amy Fitzpatrick and Ms Nicola Harris (Speech Pathology Australia)

In addition, the following groups were also consulted:

  • Bendelta, who are leading the development of the national NDIS workforce capability framework for the Department of Social Services
  • The Transport Accident Commission of Victoria, who have been developing an occupational therapy credentialing process for the provision of services to TAC clients
  • Mental Health Victoria (MHV) who are developing MHV’s NDIS Workforce (Psychosocial Capabilities) Project

The project team would like to thank all those involved in the development and delivery of My Allied Health Space.

Images in this resource are courtesy of Gary Radler and Disabled and Here